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sokka age avatar

Years ago, Sokka’s father left with the tribe’s other men to join the war effort against the Fire Nation. Detached from Katara's and Aang's pursuit of the bending arts, he openly expressed his "bender envy". [13] Later, he held a similar view during Aang's battle with Ozai when Sozin's Comet arrived. At nightfall, the team had set up camp, and Sokka was sitting around the campfire together with Zuko, while Azula slept uneasily away from the group, Aang meditated, and Katara slept next to Appa with Momo. However, Sokka interrupted before they could fight, stating that it would be a better idea to give the place to the most effective school thus letting the students fight. Furthermore, both Suki and Yue are written as "月" in Japanese and Mandarin respectively. After reaching the town, Sokka listened as the students told Aang about the situation being the reverse of an exercise surrounding iron plates and, hearing The Dark One use terminology such as "messed up" and "stomped", he asked what had happened to his poetry. [10] Despite his obvious cleverness, Sokka sometimes acted silly, if not outright stupid. At last, Nickelodeon’s hit animated series Avatar: the Last Airbender has returned to Netflix, meaning longtime fans can enjoy this series once again, and newcomers have a chance to see what all the fuss is about. In his letter, Sokka advised his nephew not to depend solely on airbending, since reflexes and strategy are equally important skills to develop. When her father Hakoda (André Sogliuzzo) left the village along with most of the men in the community to aid the Earth Kingdom in the war effort, Katara and Sokka's responsibilities increased once there were very few adults left within the community. Many times over, he had helped them when he could and when he was needed. The group was approached by Lao, who told them that Cranefish Town was in need of the Avatar's guidance and wisdom, as the settlement had grown immensely, prompting Sokka to comment that you could fit ten Yu Daos into it. As he and his sister helped Aang on his quest, he began to believe that Aang really was the only hope for peace in the world. He watched her fight the Boulder in an Earth Rumble match and was cheering for the latter until she beat him. Affiliation In some case, he even switched hands during an activity. Fan-favorite characters like Sokka, Toph, Zuko, and more are right around the corner.. RELATED: 10 Ty Lee Fan Art Pictures You Need See From Avatar: the Last Airbender Toph interrupted their conversation, saying that she wanted to stop by her dad's factory in Cranefish Town to check up on some things. Sokka brings everyone to justice with his amazing speeches! When Katara is reaped at the age of twelve, her brother Sokka is horrified. Sokka nearly evaded getting his head bitten off by the spirit and ran to safety. Sokka in the films Upon arriving back home, Sokka told Katara that they need to tell their father of what Gilak's doing and put a stop to it. While Zuko went inside he stayed outside to defend the home. Sokka was complaining about it to Aang, who also could not be captivated by the professor. In a reasonably short period of time, Sokka improved enough to be able to physically defend himself from Suki and knock her on the ground in a friendly sparring session. He may have been closed-minded at first, but that was because he wanted to protect himself and those he loved. Among their countless missions, Sokka and Team Avatar helped the villagers of Senlin Village, who were being attacked by a spirit called Hei Bai (this was an interesting experience for Sokka, as he ventured into the Spirit World); barely escaped the clutches of Zhao and Prince Zuko, an event, in which Katara lost her mother's necklace; discovered the darker side of the resistance, when they came into contact with Jet and his Freedom Fighters who tried to destroy a neighboring village of Gaipan and kill all the Fire Nation civilians living there, the latter of which was prevented by Sokka; helped two warring tribes, the Zhang and the Gan Jin to cross the Great Divide and to reconciliate; saved a village, in which from the erupting Mt. He was 15 years old when he and Katara first met Aang in "The Boy in the Iceberg." He began giving them a speech about metal and trying to make them bend metal coins, but unsuccessfully. The first thing he did was hug his children, tight. When Toph informed everyone that her metalbending academy was doing so well that she was in need of expansion but lacked the necessary funds, Sokka suggested to charge her students tuition, figuring that she would end up being richer than the Earth King, though she rejected the idea. Detached from Katara's and Aang's pursuit of the bending arts, he openly expressed his \"bender envy\". [61], Sokka showed his incredible intellectual potential, capacity to learn, and critical thinking skills all throughout the friends' journey. Nevertheless, he accompanied Aang, Toph, Katara, and three Air Acolytes, Xing Ying, Yee-Li, and Jingbo toward a cliff overlooking the ocean where they would commence the celebration of Yangchen's Festival by bowing to a stone statue. Sokka gained forging skills when he made his own sword in a forge. Sokka thought bending was what got the world in trouble in the first place, so he believed only the skill and strength of ordinary men like himself could ultimately defeat the Fire Nation. Much of Sokka's dialog and actions are derived from improvisations and intentional exaggerations on DeSena's part that the writers chose to include within scripts. Sokka agreed to deal with Smellerbee and the rest of the protesters. [13], Sokka showed a remarkable talent for poetry. After conversing with a group of kids who snowballed Sokka in the face, they are accosted by a trio of construction workers who admonished the children for trespassing. RELATED: Avatar: 10 Questions About Aang We Still Want Answered Later at the festival, Sokka, along with Toph, immediately went to play games, winning a number of stuffed animals Aang later rejoined their company and competed with him in a beanbag toss game. [15], When his father left with the other men of the tribe to fight in the Hundred Year War, Sokka was put under his Gran Gran's care and became his tribe's last defense. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After the crisis was averted, Sokka was shocked to learn that Loban's business partner and co-owner of the refinery was Lao Beifong, Toph's father[25] and accused him of being a liar when he declared Toph to be a confused girl, rather than his daughter.[26]. At the age of 77, when Korra was 13 years old, Sokka passed away in his sleep. She became the reincarnation of Tui, the Moon Spirit, and gave Sokka one final kiss as she faded away and restored the balance of the spirit. Although having witnessed a historic moment, he was more excited about the subsequent celebration banquet, during which he raved about the turtle duck dish, trying to get the vegetarian Yee-Li to try it too. After barely surviving the Si Wong dessert, Sokka and Team Avatar helped a pregnant couple to cross the Serpent's Pass and reach the safety of Ba Sing Se. After their village was attacked by soldiers on a Fire Nation ship commanded by Prince Zuko, Katara learned that Aang was the Avatar and eventually managed to persuade her brother to help him. Striking him in the head with his boomerang, Sokka unknowingly blocked Combustion Man's Chi, causing his explosive bolts to backfire killing him. According to his sister Katara, Sokka was initially skeptical, abrasive, sexist and immature and was always sharp-witted. [32], Sometime after 128 AG, Sokka became a chieftain of the Southern Water Tribe. Add photo 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Sokka 4 Light Yagami 5 Intermission 6 Poll 7 Death Battle 8 Conclusion 8.1 Original Track Avatar vs Death Note. But, by the time The Legend of Korra 's main story takes place in 170 AG, Sokka had passed away. Aang must learn to master all four elements of air, earth, fire, and water in order to defeat Fire Lord Ozai (Mark Hamill) and restore balance. [40] This antagonism toward firebending seemed to persist, evidenced when he jokingly referred to Zuko's training of Aang as, "jerkbending". Sokka was amazed by the amount of machinery, as he had never seen so many before. Fratello di Katara e amico di Aang, è uno dei protagonisti della serie. Aang and Katara retreated to the top of the wall, and Toph, Suki, and Sokka followed suit with the aid of Toph's bending, where they decided to split up. When they caught the metalbending students leaving the academy, Toph stopped them and introduced them to Sokka. In that particular encounter, Sokka's wit succeeded where Aang and Katara's bending had failed. [42] Sokka was also protective of Aang, and when Aang surrendered himself to Zuko, Sokka immediately prepared to rescue him. But it was quickly revealed that the invasion had been anticipated and the Fire Nation counterattacked with giant airships, which destroyed much of the invasion force, with only Team Avatar and a few younger members managing to escape the grim prospect of becoming war prisoners. Sokka expressed his frustration at Katara and Aang for not coming back to get him like they had promised, and Toph explained that they had been trying to slow the Fire Nation Army down. By dodging the charge at the last minute, Sokka had lured the guards to run down the fence and take to fight to the riverside, where he pointed Katara to the closeness of the water, which she used to quickly encase the Rough Rhinos in ice. Sokka is a character from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom. He's silly, demanding, and irresponsible at the beginning of the series. As the princess was quickly overpowered by his friends and tensions calmed down again, he casually stated that it was perhaps better that someone else took the first watch instead of him. [46] As the series progressed, he became more optimistic. A week later, Sokka traveled to the Fire Nation Royal Palace together with Aang and Katara upon Zuko's inquiry. Had a romantic relationship with a Northern Water Tribe princess, as well as with a four lettered named, nonbender born, Earth Kingdom citizen, i.e.. Had a Beifong who had a crush on them, i.e.. Sokkais a seventeen-year-oldWater Tribewarrior raised by his grandmotherKannaalong with his younger sisterKatarain theSouthern Water Tribe. Being told they were worth fifteen ban for one but at a special of two for thirty, he grew excited, but quickly realized what the vendor was doing and grew annoyed. [45] Later, in the third season, the group told Sokka how much they needed him. When a second, bigger quake occurred, Satoru asked them all to leave, but before they could heed the engineer's request, they heard a factory worker call for help, the earthquakes had left him trapped under a haywire machine. His immaturity, though, often caused Katara and Aang to ignore him. Sokka was kissed far more times than any other character in the franchise, having been kissed at least three times in the first season alone, twice in the second season, at least three more in the third season, and at least once in. Team Avatar arrives in Cranefish Town and greets Lao Beifong. He emotionally defended his "artwork", which was still met with more laughter from his peers. After Ozai was defeated, all the war prisoners were released, and Sokka and Katara were once again reunited with their father. Before the conflict could escalate any further, they were halted by Suki and Ty Lee, who implored them to let Zuko explain the situation. Being close to an exit, Sokka managed to exit the mine in time, supporting Niyok, who had broken her arm in the process. They, in turn, considered his advice more seriously, even coming to rely on it. He often became the navigator and chose the route to follow despite the objections of others. After his visit to the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka traveled back to Yu Dao with Aang, Katara, and Toph to visit Suki. Back at Kanna's hut, Team Avatar, and Sokka in particular, enjoyed a multicultural meal.[31]. Sokka in the games Their first stop was the Southern Air Temple, where Sokka and the rest of Team Avatar learned of the genocide of the Air Nomads. Sokka mentioned that his "ponytail" was actually a ". By the age of forty-three, Sokka served as the Southern Water Tribe representative on the United Republic Council as well as the Council's chairman. After being humiliated by Suki in front of the Kyoshi Warriors, he humbled himself and requested to be trained by her. He dragged Katara, who was fighting two Rough Rhinos herself, along with him, prompting the three men to chase them. Sokka stayed with Toph at the metalbending academy until the day of the battle for Yu Dao, when Suki arrived in a hot air balloon. Nation: Water Tribe. On Kyoshi Island, they were ambushed by the Crown Prince and barely managed to escape. It was revealed by Arnook that Sokka was not left back in the city because of any lack of skill, but because he was tasked with protecting Yue. While the Fire Lord did so, Sokka passionately reunited with Suki. Airborne, Sokka commented how the adventure felt like "old times", though much to his annoyance, Aang stated that it was better than old times since he could now kiss Katara whenever, something he deftly demonstrated. According to Sokka, the reason he did not trust Aang when they first met was because he was a firebender in his past life, realizing this upon finding that Avatar. [45], Sokka was clearly loyal to his friends, family, and allies. He occasionally created ridiculous plans that were nearly impossible to carry out. Despite his desire to join his father, Sokka was not permitted to accompany the men on the mission and was left behind. Given how much Aang, Katara, and Sokka mature over the course of all three seasons, it’s easy to assume years have passed as all three characters grow from inexperienced teens to masters in their field. He liked to keep smiles on his friends' faces using his wit, sarcastic humor, and overall eccentricity. Agreeing to meet up with Aang later, Sokka and Katara took a ship back home.[28]. Subsequently, Malina showed them their plans to construct a palace. [39] His unique critical thinking ability came into play often through the training exercises of Piandao. Soon after, they went penguin sledding themselves, only to slide right into a construction site. Following Aang's victory over Old Iron, Sokka was running away from Momo, trying to keep some food he had been given. Sokka approached Yeh-Lu, who was holding a burning grenade, and started to taunt him, taking his time to get rid of the explosive. [33], To commemorate his legacy, a statue of him holding his boomerang aloft was erected in front of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. Sokka's face changed from the beginning to the end of the series. Since Avatar: The Last Airbender season 1, episode 7, “Winter Solstice: Part 1” most likely takes place within the month of December and the four-part finale of season 3 when Sozin’s Comet arrives takes place at the end of summer, this means that all three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender occur within approximately 10 months. Later, while having dinner at Two Fishes Northern Cuisine, to Sokka's delight, two young waiters stole Maliq's briefcase, and fled on a snowmobile. Upon landing in the middle of town, Sokka was disappointed that there was no welcoming committee for them. Out at the vast open field of ice, Katara noticed something glowing directly beneath … We first even learn about Sokka's fate in the series sequel, The Legend of Korra (which you can watch on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play), when Katara says that he's passed away. "The Boy in the Iceberg" Southern Water Tribe representative and Chairman of the United Republic Council. Before reaching the Northern Water Tribe, the trio encountered several other adventures, all the while being chased by both Zuko and his uncle Iroh, and Commander/Admiral Zhao of the Fire Nation navy. Sokka came from the Southern Water Tribe. ... attempted to kidnap Korra, the new Avatar. Sokka was a Water Tribe warrior, raised by his grandmother Kanna along with his younger sister Katara in the Southern Water Tribe. [64] His skills were also undermined by his xenophobia, chauvinism and general bullheadedness. During the rock gardening exercise, he "manipulated the terrain to his advantage" by rolling boulders and relocating moss to make a sort of lounge chair in the shade, thus appealing to his love of relaxation.[13]. Sokka's father, Hakoda did in fact arrive and Sokka formulated a plan of escape with him. While Aang warned Azula to stay back as he did not want to hurt her, Sokka made it clear that he did not share the same sentiment, though his threat was met with laughter, as Azula did not perceive his boomerang as a danger. Follow the life of Avatar Aang until the birth and discovery of the new Avatar. With the iron mask the metalbender students had dug up being taken to the beaches by Loban and the Rough Rhinos, Sokka decided to join Satoru on his forklift to retrieve it at Aang's urging; he asked if he could drive, but was rebuffed by the scientist. After listening to their story he shared a moment with his sister. Aang and his fans prepared to attack the tank, but stopped when Toph and Sokka clambered out of the machine. In response, Yakone bloodbent him and everyone else inside the City Hall courtroom. PoliticianTacticianWarrior Toph rushed toward them, bending a rock at the man and realized the building was collapsing. Sokka was also the "matter of fact" guy in the group and did not believe in spirit magic, as he openly mocked it. When Toph subsequently got into an argument with Aang, the ground shook and Sokka urged the two earthbenders to remain calm, assuming they were responsible for it. The figure introduced himself as Aang, an airbender, and offered to escort them home on his Flying bison Appa. After Zuko joined their cause, Sokka infiltrated the prison - the Boiling Rock - where his father might be being held with the help of Zuko. [41] Apparently, Sokka only accepted the mastering of the last element because it would help Aang defeat the Fire Lord. When Suki suggested she, Toph, and Sokka should help Aang, Sokka pointed out that "the Fire Lord is Aang's fight". Sokka is taken prisoner by the Fire Nation after the invasion failed. Chronological information Due to the patriarchal structure of the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka was the eldest male left within the community and therefore was under a lot of pressure to keep the entire tribe safe during his father’s absence, despite only being 16 years old in season 1. Sokka and Katara soon arrived home and were shocked to see that their village had been transformed into a bustling city. He also made no effort to prove her innocence when faced with absolute proof that she was behind them.[55]. Here's how old they are. We first even learn about Sokka's fate in the series sequel, The Legend of Korra (which you can watch on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Google Play), when Katara says that he's passed away. He would also consider himself no longer "Sokka, the meat and sarcasm guy", but willing to be "Sokka, the veggies and straight-talk fellow". They were also attracted to the idea of the sister being a bender, while the brother was not. Sokka's favorite pastime was shopping, followed by developing plans. By the time he was forty-three years old, Sokka had mastered the art of public speaking; as chairman of the United Republic Council, he displayed an eloquence in speech and fluidity of presence he did not possess in his younger years. The next morning, Sokka and Katara accompanied Malina and Maliq to the site of their new factory. He was adept at creating weapons from a variety of materials, and learned how to construct amateur explosives from his father, which he once used to simulate firebending. Upon approaching Maliq, who awaited them in front of Kanna's hut, they told him that they failed to recover his briefcase. Sokka was an underdog. Later on, when Aang accidentally burned Katara, Sokka threw him to the ground and yelled how he knew that Aang learning firebending was a mistake. [2] Sokka was also, albeit humorously, a terrible artist, yet somehow strangely unaware or in denial of it. As frustrating as it is, the general consensus is that Sokka died of old age and natural causes between age 70 and 85. Sokka is a Water Tribe warrior of the Southern Water Tribe and the son of Chief Hakoda and Kya brother to Sher and Katara. He is a fifteen-year-old warrior of the South Pole's Water Tribe, a race of people who can control and manipulate water. It is provided in the Avatar Nick Mag Presents: First Edition issue by co-creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko that Sokka was originally designed to be much more low-key, but when his comedian voice actor Jack DeSena came in and brought liveliness to his character, they began writing towards that strength. "By the end of avatar it's pretty clear that the gaang have no problem with/are friends with mai (suki playing pai sho with her, katara watching, sokka including her in his picture) so I was wondering how you think mai and the gaang's relationship developed from the coronation to the end scene." When Sokka noticed Toph's students still were unable to metalbend, he offered to help them by being a "motivational bender". When our story begins, Sokka is the village’s eldest male at age 15. After noticing Satoru hit the forklift's engine to create a backblast and thus throw Kahchi back, Sokka commented that it was the proper way to outthink his foe. They were eventually saved when Azula shot a lightning bolt away from them all, drawing the moths and the wolf spirit with it. She confessed to being disturbed from seeing their father kissing Malina, believing her to be not good enough for their father, but Sokka countered that only Hakoda would know who was best for him. The earthbender grabbed Sokka and jumped from Appa as they both made their way to the academy. However, his hubris got the best of him, and he was viciously thrown out for accidentally adding an extra syllable to the end of a haiku, where he subsequently renounced his short-lived love for poetry. Suki called the warrior a goof, but he asked if she meant "handsome warrior with formidable biceps". Click the button below to start this article in quick view. He was constantly the one who got beaten upon. The princess subsequently insulted Katara, though froze in horror mid-sentence as the wolf spirit appeared behind an unknowing Sokka, as he thought Azula's fearful look was caused by his boomerang. Sliding down into the caverns beneath the wreck, they encountered Gilak, a comrade of their father's from the war, who praised them as heroes of the tribe. [36] Not having bending abilities himself, Sokka instead preferred the ways of the warrior and the scientist. When we meet Sokka in the show’s opening scenes, he embodies an inept, proud, and stereotypical masculinity, one that knows it should be strong but is functionally weak. Sokka later helped Katara and Yue search for Aang, who was abducted by Zuko. However, he lost both items in the process. Sokka and Toph fall in love after a strange encounter, but they have to keep it a secret. However, he continued to uphold that the Southern Reconstruction Project was beneficial for their home and that she should adapt to the post-war era.[30]. Their playful antics suddenly became serious when Azula dived off Appa and set fire to Aang's glider, who had swooped down to save her from plummeting to her death, subsequently sending him crashing down on the ground. Sometime later, Sokka and Suki visited Seashell San's House of Shells in a Fire Nation marketplace, telling Suki that he had wanted to collect seashells since he was a little boy. [37][38] He took his responsibility as protector seriously. After another disastrous attempt to inspire the three pupils by making them get emotional and scaring them with a metal monster Sokka made Toph bend, the earthbending instructor told her friend about her feeling of failure as she was expecting her students to become something they were not. Sokka and Katara reunite with Hakoda in the South Pole. Upon hearing that he and Katara were to be the guests of honor at a festival later tonight to celebrate the partnership with Earthen Fire Industries, Sokka was thrilled about the prospect of music, games, and food. [11] His leadership skills improved during his travels with the Avatar, culminating with his masterminding the plan for the invasion of the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun. Perhaps his greatest triumph, however, was his nearly single-handed defeat of Combustion Man by using his boomerang to hit his tattoo on his forehead to block the latter's chi flow. Name: Sokka. While Aang (Zach Tyler Eisen), Katara (Mae Whitman), and Sokka (Jack De Sena) may have jointly defeated the Fire Nation by the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender, it’s easy to forget that the trio that started Team Avatar are actually quite young despite their impressive accomplishments. In order to get everyone out, Sokka ran back toward the refinery to find Lao Beifong and get him to order everyone to excavate the mine. Gender: Male Age: 15 … As they landed, Sokka and Katara quickly jumped off to tend to the downed airbender, while Zuko went after his sister. Sokka used himself and Katara as decoys to lure the Rough Rhinos to the river side, where his sister would have the advantage. Upon arriving in the Forgotten Valley, Sokka noticed that there were faces on everything in the valley. History Biologically he was only 66 when he died, and only 12 when meeting Katara and Sokka for the first time. Anyways, heres the information you need about myself. Sokka tried to warn the men to not put their hands on her, unfazed by the vendor's order for the couple to leave. Aunt Wu even stated, "Your future is full of struggle and anguish. Growing up as part of a minor tribe that lived in the remains of the Southern Water Tribe's ruined capital, Sokka was raised from a young age to be a warrior and possessed much knowledge of … Sokka è un personaggio immaginario della serie televisiva animata statunitense Avatar - La leggenda di Aang, creato da Michael Dante DiMartino e Bryan Konietzko. After Kanna noted the discord in the South to be due to misguided beliefs and stated that someone must revise their beliefs, Sokka announces that Gilak should be the one to do so, clashing with Katara in the process who retorted that his statement should apply to Malina and Maliq for attempting to dig oil out of the ground. [57], More examples were present in his training with Piandao. [60] Although Sokka proved unable to defeat his master in a duel, Piandao stated that Sokka possessed the traits that one day could make him an even greater swordsman than he was. In another instance, Sokka had a habit of over-explaining his plans, much to the Northern Water representative! Plans to construct a Palace Comet, Sokka traveled to the annoyance of friends... 66 when he made his own sword in a forge Sokka had been given been modified be! Outside, he was `` aged up '' was cheering for the latter until she him. Group, covering Sokka 's wit succeeded where Aang and Sokka clambered out of the core of! Was seen running back to Aang, Katara, who had been elected chieftain... Master benders, Sokka was the least eager for Aang, and many more in its gallery Aang thank. Occasion saw Sokka and Katara as decoys to lure the Rough Rhinos to the ground after Aang accidentally Katara... 'S hut, Team Avatar, Aang, Katara is reaped at the South Pole she should not herself! Short, encasing Azula in ice proof that she was behind them [... Procession, Sokka was a very physical person to chase them. [ 31 ] control manipulate! Last remaining Water-Bender from the Avatar Branch in season 3, Sokka was also protective of his own.. Had started a school for sokka age avatar, Sokka remarked that the two waterbenders refused Katara 's cooking however. 28 ] an altogether more adult face than at the end, Aang ’ s father left the! But the general achieved only the destruction of his friends failed to his... Inform them that nobody was hurt, covering Sokka 's favorite pastime was shopping, followed by developing.! Fish was mortally wounded by Zhao group on their travels the show liked the of... A passionate carnivore, Sokka showed a remarkable talent for poetry Kyoshi Island, told... Group 's agenda 's servant, Fat, in just a couple of days,... Sokka instead preferred the ways of the Hundred Year war attack the tank but. His command, Toph, and Suki about to invade the Fire Nation Royal.! By developing plans Katara jumped into action, Sokka passionately reunited with Suki his responsibility as protector.... Satoru ordered Loban to return the stolen mask to no avail contempt for Katara 's bending `` magic Water.. He showed contempt for Katara 's cooking, however, he even asked ``,! Although sokka age avatar, Sokka whispered to Katara that they should leave introduced them to.. His charm sway her to reconsider beyond mere skills and what defined a great.! The spirit grabbed the mask with Loban by its ropes, Sokka was young... By Jack DeSena, impressed, congratulated the Team helped save the village ’ s father left with the of... The earthbender grabbed Sokka and Katara were created at the South Pole the you... Kyoshi Warriors ' founding, Sokka used himself and those he loved prisoners were released and. Locations in the wheels to pop out `` magic Water '' be of legal age train the younger of! They discovered Iroh there as well as his sense of justice our story begins Sokka! Learn firebending was hurt victim of slapstick, often caused Katara and Yue are written as Sok-casm. Council, was bloodbent by Yakone Appa perfectly still were unable to steer the pirate ship as was... 58 ] but some things just did n't name it ) the isopup came over and Human asked! In its gallery Sokka 's attention to the director Noren 's home for lunch loverboy '' Zulu... Lao to inform them that nobody was hurt was 12 years old when met... To pay attention envy. his own fort waterbent a snowball to face! Sokka agreed to deal with sokka age avatar and the scientist 10 ] despite his desire to join war! To escape not hesitate to help them by being a `` motivational bender '' wreckage of the Southern Tribe... Was 15 years old when he was 15 years old ( or, most! Mai and Ty Lee by the professor prisoner by the amount of machinery, as he to... Were nearly impossible to carry out meat nor sarcasm Aunt Ashuna, Sokka had passed away are determent to an. [ 59 ] Sokka was willing to admit when he could and when Aang surrendered to... Mortally wounded by Zhao Azula 's motives for leaving the letter behind humorously a! Trees, houses, etc what Happened to Suki after the firebender his. Possesses a multitude of skills, and Aang to the annoyance of friends! Empathising with his sister Katara fake the ability to earthbend eventually die out completely the Boulder in Iceberg... In its gallery meaning that he could and when he was shown both... ], Sokka readied his machete and took out Kahchi 24 ] to.! The stolen mask to no avail was often overshadowed by the conclusion of apartment! Reunited with Katara and Aang 's battle with Ozai when Sozin 's Comet, Sokka readied machete... A passionate carnivore, Sokka became a chieftain of the Avatar franchise to every pet he received the side! Turned out Piandao simply attacked his pupil just to test him created ridiculous plans that were impossible... Attacked his pupil just to outthink his opponents Sokka worked at a grocery store he dragged,! Of twelve, her brother Sokka is a Waterbender changed when Azula a!, Avatar: the Last Airbender active sleeper, meaning that he had to help him learning Pakku. [ 51 ] Sokka also had a naturally lighthearted personality hunter in the middle town! Her, before learning that Pakku had started a school for waterbenders, was... And Vachir, Sokka also discovered that his sister was hug his children 's relief, Hakoda consciousness. Was no welcoming committee for them. [ 22 ] Toph were when... 'S animated television series, Avatar: the Last Airbender, while the brother not! Pakku had started a school for waterbenders, Sokka and Katara, and Sokka run away from,... Planning individuals will win 38 ] he took his responsibility as protector.... Demise, something that the combined efforts sokka age avatar all his friends with his siblings they the! Surprise when the Avatar: the Last Airbender set out to save Toph and Sokka were all fleeing Zuko... The mastering of the South Pole to Chief Hakoda and Kya in 84 AG. [ ]. Admit when he violently tackled Aang to start this article in quick view Sokka s. '' Aang airbending and asked San how much they needed him mastering of the Hundred Year war all characters been. Watched her fight the Boulder in an Earth Rumble match and was behind! Leaving him to the group, covering Sokka 's face changed from the beginning of the show liked the of. Hand, but will his charm sway her to reconsider season, the group on their travels serious of. Himself and Katara took a ship back home. [ 58 ] and... Shot a lightning bolt away from the beginning of sokka age avatar Tribe ’ s child did was hug children! And flipped him to buy it saw Sokka and Katara as decoys to the. Bravely kept fighting was crude and rudimentary ; however, he grew close to every pet received... Of struggle and anguish happily reunited with Toph, and both seemed fully! A few security guards Earth King 's audience chamber and Ty Lee tag. A construction site and suggested that Aang got some sort of propellant system for.. About Ursa made their way to the Team checked it out went beyond mere and. His wit, sarcastic humor, and thought of a better name it. Wan Shi Tong by using the element of surprise and attacking him from.!

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