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katara and aang

However, she sometimes seemed to view Momo as more than a pet. When Sozin's Comet arrived, she comforted and personally assured Zuko that Iroh would forgive him. [10], Katara and Azula met again face-to-face a year after the War's end when Zuko summoned her and the group to the Royal Palace to enlist their aid in finding his mother Ursa. Despite a past of attacks against Aang, Katara bore no real grudge against Iroh, as the latter had merely accompanied Zuko on the exiled prince's attempts to capture the Avatar, nor did Iroh take issue with the waterbender. [11] When Sokka accuses Aang of being the enemy, she insists that Aang is not malicious because he has brought "fun" to their village. As Katara and Sokka approach Zuko's ship on Appa to save Aang, he is knocked into the water by Zuko. However, the Kataang shippers may have been blinded by their appreciation for the relationship to some of the more nuanced details of it. Katara's POV! Katara and Aang tried not to laugh as the half-furious half-miserable Sokka was forced to eat grain to prove to the prince that he was not actually sick, so that he would hopefully put him down (and stop fretting, it was hard to stay mad at the prince when he was so obviously worried about him). Two events stand out in Katara's past: the death of her mother in a Fire Nation raid and the departure two years before of her father and the other grown men of her tribe to help defend the Earth Kingdom. Sure Ikki and Meelo are hyperactive, but they’re kids and are shown to mature somewhat with age while retaining their energetic personalities. After that, Katara asked Jiang questions about the cargo crates they were smuggling and the Earth Kingdom collaborator uniforms they were wearing. [1] Despite her actions, Katara swore she would never forgive Yon Rha for his crime. Katara never forgot Yon Rha's face, particularly remembering the hateful look in his eyes. Jiang explained that they needed a waterbender to help them in a smuggling mission in exchange for passage downriver and Katara agreed. [59] The team listened to him at first, but soon defied his orders by infiltrating his secret headquarters underneath Lake Laogai[42] and later invading the Earth Kingdom Royal Palace where they informed Kuei of the conspiracy, resulting in Long Feng's arrest.[60]. 2:20. She consoles him, saying that there must be a "bright side" to his situation. Their conflict came to the point of violence when Katara had to talk Aang down from the Avatar State to prevent him from ending Zuko. [6], When Azula attacked the temple, Haru accompanied Katara's father while the rest escaped the temple on Appa. Facebook. Katara also voiced her glee to her disgruntled brother the next morning about the fact that "a bunch of girls kicked [his] butt. Later, Katara snapped at Sokka again, clearly disgusted with his constant references to 'oogies' whenever she and Aang shared a close, romantic moment. [33] Shortly after Aang awoke from his comatose state, he disappeared, and Katara broke down in horror and fear, feeling abandoned yet again, relating the feeling to when her father left. Ciudad República es acosado por un nuevo y peligroso grupo de rebeldes, cuyas terribles amenazas recaen sobre el joven matrimonio. After Aang saved the Fire Lord and got out of the state, Katara rushed over and hugged him. [4], Since their reunion, Hakoda aided Team Avatar several times with preparations for the invasion of the Fire Nation. [36] Her actions, however, could be associated with a fear of losing him to Ozai, with her denial of her true feelings for him being a way to spare her the pain of what might come. Zuko was absently petting Katara while Aang pouted at both of them from the enclosure. Broke: Aang forces his beliefs on to Katara when she wants to go kill Yon Rha but Zuko is better for her cause he leaves her be. He is already an Airbending master and has made impressive progress with the other elements, except for Firebending, for which he has yet to find a master. When Katara tried to disarm Mai, Ty Lee blocked her chi, rendering her waterbending useless. As romantic as the tone was, it was offset somewhat by the atmosphere between the two leading up to that moment. He was under the guardianship of Monk Gyatso. [2], Pakku and Katara did not get off to such a great start when they first met. When Aang responded by engaging the Avatar State, Katara again successfully pulled him out of it, saying he could not end Zuko that way. Clear with difficulty, Aang will beat Katara, and while Korra can't use her waterbending against Unalaq this time, I think she's improved enough with the others especially Air to seal the win. Katara subsequently assisted Korra in her first few steps. Katara always found that Aang's smiles were contagious, and this was no exception. 1. Now that would be a pretty cool piece. When Azula endangered Aang, Katara was quick to encase her in ice and berated her once more, much to the princess' initial outrage. By Precia-T Watch. Aang tells her that he does not want to come between her and her family and reassures her that he will return to the Air Nation. aang avatar katara avatarthelastairbender monk kataraavatar aangthelastairbender I'm working on future patreon pack, which is "friends". Even though the age difference is the same (Aang is two years younger than Katara while Zuko is two years older) Zuko and Katara's maturity levels are … Katara was entrusted with the task of teaching the new Avatar waterbending, just like she had once done for Aang, and trained her in the art of healing as well. In order to gain entrance into the party, they told Long Feng their parents were waiting for them and that they had lost their invitations. 1 Delivers Large-Scale Demons Vs. Samurai Warfare, Future State: Superman of Metropolis #1 Is an Action-Packed Debut, Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 Ends DC's Epic With a Grand Finale, Future State: Wonder Woman #1 Gives Yara Flor Her Own Odyssey, Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. Introduced to and influenced by comics from a young age, Mason Segall has long-since reveled in the narrative, commercial, and artistic potential of the graphic medium. Katara was overjoyed to learn about Pakku's engagement to Kanna[12] and their marriage two years later, although she would have like to have attended their ceremony if they had not eloped. However, she clearly loves him and his family. That means that she had around 20 years to live, grow, and evolve as a person without Aang around. It is clear that he respected all of their abilities, as he did not argue when Katara chose her task to assist Zuko in defeating Azula, only offering encouragement. When it was revealed that Jet had been brainwashed by the Dai Li, Sokka suggested teasingly that Katara should kiss Jet to revive his memories. After an emotional confrontation, Hakoda told Katara that she and her brother were his "entire world", and thinking of them caused him heartache every night. Katara was jealous of Aang constantly flirting with other girls closer to his own age, Aang bragged about being able to kiss her to everyone who would listen, and neither could think of a better pet name than “sweetie.” Overall, their romance just sort of went on automatic in the comics. [2] Their relationship improved as Pakku taught Katara, eventually leading to her becoming his best pupil. Granted, these favorites have a tendency to change month to month, but hey, that’s the managing multiple serialized narratives for you. She honestly didn't know why she was all that worried in the first place. [37] After disarming the princess, she immediately ran over to heal Zuko and voiced her gratefulness for saving her life, and vice versa. [44] Katara was initially excited to have another girl in the group; however, shortly after joining Team Avatar, the two began feuding, with Katara's motherly and teamwork morals and Toph's more cavalier attitude causing heated conflict. As early as season 1, they encourage each other and work together to improve their bending techniques, with Aang even giving up his training at the Northern Water Tribe when Master Pakku refuses to teach Katara. He has to. [11] As Kanna fares the siblings goodbye, she tells them that their destinies are intertwined with Aang's and that they found him for a reason.[11]. Yue informed Katara about how waterbenders are particularly strong during the night due to the presence of the moon. Sannie. Die Legende von Aang - Clip 2 - Der Kampf zwischen Katara und Zuko. Her mother was killed by the fire nation and her father is gone in the war. Meanwhile, Toph … Though everyone accepted his help, she was reluctant to do so, leading Toph to tease her about Jet being her ex-boyfriend. He fell in love with her immediately and spent the majority of the series pursuing a relationship with her, an endeavor in which he was eventually successful. To this day, his favorite comic lines are Saga (yes, he is hype for its return), X-Men (Gold and Blue, Red looks promising as well), and, of course, Sandman. [23] Sokka died some time before 170 AG, and in reference to her brother's passing, Katara greatly encouraged her three children to spend more time with each other while they were still able.[24]. [13] After a short time of training, he deemed her worthy of the title of waterbending master. Korra’s brief flashbacks to Aang’s life demonstrated that he grew somewhat more serious as he aged, but was still immature enough to pose for pictures of him doing his marble trick. Katara later waterbent snow on the helmet of a Fire Nation soldier, hoping to conceal the Fire Nation's invasion of the Air Temple and ultimately protect Aang from the painful reality that was to come. Hakoda was Katara and Sokka's father and a prominent figure in his daughter's life. This story takes place on Appa, after eveyone left the play. The center of Last Airbender was the protagonist Aang, a time-displaced remnant of a lost civilization. Tenzin, the only airbending child was denied a childhood by his father hoisting the burden of an entire culture on his young shoulders. [17], Sokka was Katara's older brother, with an age difference of one year. 3 WHY KATARA: AANG OWES HER A LOT. That is to say, while their presence in each other’s lives changed the others’ personalities, they did not change all too much to each other after their childhood. [5] The attack failed and Haru briefly joined the others, venturing to the Western Air Temple. … His departure from the Southern Water Tribe to fight in the Hundred Year War had a profound impact on Katara, who felt abandoned and betrayed by him, in spite of the fact that she knew his reasons for departing. [53] She did not see Mai again until the end of the Hundred Year War at the Jasmine Dragon back in the Earth Kingdom capital, where she watched briefly while Mai and Suki played a game of Pai Sho. With the help of a "forgiveness speech" by Aang, their complex relationship was finally thawed out and Katara forgave Zuko. [45], Katara insisted that Toph contribute to the team's routine of setting up camp to which the earthbender refused. Aang revealed his past life at the Southern Air Temple to her, his reasons for running away, and how he feels responsible for the War. And though Katara herself is only 14 at the start of the series, the gulf between a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old is far greater than that between a 30-year-old and 32-year-old. [56] The two next encountered each other at the Nan Shan River in a duel that pitted the Water Tribe siblings against Mai and Ty Lee. Aang intended for the Order to simply guide and guard Korra, but several mishaps in the aftermath of Aang's death (including a kidnapping attempt by the anarchist Zaheer) and the still-fragile state of relations between the now-Five Nations resulted in Katara and Tenzin sequestering Korra in a compound at the South Pole, bringing teachers to her instead of allowing her to seek out her own. [41], Katara met Jet again in Ba Sing Se, where he offered to help find Appa. [16] According to Iroh, Pakku tended to proudly talk about her. Aang and Katara. Aang and katara Dessin La Légende De Korra Graphisme Art Korra Aang Avatar. The waterbender truly appreciated this and subsequently befriended them. Aang immediately wanted to go penguin sledding with her and Katara was excited to meet an airbender. Aang and Katara had three children; Bumi, a nonbender, Kya, a waterbender like her mother and Tenzin, an airbender who was mentioned in Legend of Korra. [48] The two met again on the way to Ba Sing Se where she was taken aback by how drastically different Suki appeared without make-up. So basically, Aang and katara have been... zuko; katara; alta +9 more # 3. Katara is a powerful master waterbender and renowned as the greatest healer of her time. Specifically, their fight was over the Harmony Restoration Movement, which attempted to remove Fire Nation colonies following the end of the war. Katara’s father was at war and could have died at any time. Se connecter. Aang Y Katara Korra Avatar Team Avatar Zuko Mejores Series Tv Avatar Series Avatar The Last Airbender Art Fire Nation Kids Shows. Given that Katara is approximately two years older than him, that means she was about 68 when he passed. Even from the first moments they met each other, both exhibited acute symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. 15K Views. She may have wound up with Aang, but she clearly had stronger initial feelings for Jet. After the death of her husband, the Avatar Spirit was reincarnated in Korra, a fellow native of the Southern Water Tribe. [3], Haru and Katara were happily reunited prior to the Day of Black Sun invasion and fought together during the battle to take over the Fire Nation Capital. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Aang is a character from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom. [28], The two are shown to have a loving relationship that is deep. In the episode, Aang intercepts a letter that would provide Katara and her brother information on where their father, who they haven’t seen for three years, might be stationed and give them a chance to see him. Katara was helpless and thought all was lost as she carried her deceased lover's body in her arms. Presumably Katara was more than happy to have three kids with Aang, but if Tenzin had turned out to be a water- or non-bender, he would have demanded that she continue. [37] Realizing she could not heal Zuko unless she put Azula out of action, Katara tricked the princess, allowing her to freeze Azula near the palace water canals, chain her on the ground and ultimately defeat her. Sokka did not trust Aang and tried to banish him at one point which upset Katara. In the V-cast recap of Season 2, Katara classified her moment with Aang in ". [42], Months after Jet's death, Katara still felt anger toward him for his past actions; when Aang suggested that her desire for revenge against her mother's killer made her sound like Jet, Katara angrily retorted that it was different as Jet wanted to kill innocent people. Les utilisateurs aiment aussi ces idées Pinterest. Woke: Aang and Sokka both know Katara better than Zuko and are upset to see her in so much rage and pain and don’t want her to act on it. Following their trip to Ba Sing Se, Katara revealed to Aang that she no longer supported the Harmony Restoration Movement as she thought about their potential future mixed bloodline, much like the current Morishita family. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Katara was annoyed that Jiang seemed to value the cargo more than her crew and left them to commandeer the enemy ship, returning to save them afterward. When they left the town's docks aboard the Flying Wolfbat, they were cut off by a Fire Army patrol boat that destroyed their vessel. Katara did that without expecting anything in return or any gratification. By the end of the spin-off series, Katara was 89, according to the official wiki. [29], Listening to her grandmother's stories regarding the Avatar, Katara believed that he would one day return to save the world, despite the fact that some had lost hope. [10], Haru was also briefly mentioned when Toph joked that he and Katara had previously had a secret thing together after the latter declared she had a surprise for everyone; Katara, however, denied that this was the case. 1 Character 2 Ships 2.1 Het 2.2 Slash 2.3 Poly 2.4 Cargo 3 Canon 4 Fanon 5 Fandom 6 List 7 Navigation Aang was an Air Nomad and Avatar during the Hundred Year War. [10] By doing so, Katara showed that her romantic feelings were entirely mutual, and the two began a long-term romantic relationship. Although the Order of the White Lotus uttered doubts about letting Korra start her airbending training with Tenzin, Katara supported Korra. I gave her a whip piece in trans-blue to represent her waterbending. After the airbender woke up, she greeted her grandmother with a smile and told her how much she had missed her. She eventually trusted him to the point where she offered to heal his scar. It will include poses and … Afterward, she talked to Momo conversationally, and when they decided to visit the Jasmine Dragon, Katara ordered a "table for two", implying that Momo would get his own seat. [31] After discovering the corpse of Monk Gyatso, Aang enters the Avatar State and Katara attempts to calm him down. When Aang was released from the iceberg by her, she developed an immediate attachment to the young airbender, believing him to be special. When Katara ran to find her mother, Kya, she was horrified to find that Yon Rha was holding her hostage in their house. [15], Later, Katara persuaded Sokka to train under a master, saying she would not have mastered waterbending without Pakku's tutoring. Nickelodeon Animation Studio. Tenzin is particularly sensitive to having his mother bring up childhood memories and of her being mentioned, becoming angry at Korra for "bringing [his] mother into" their dispute. Katara was able to free Haru and his father, Tyro, from prison after she renewed their will to fight for freedom. [50], From when she first first met him, Katara and Appa shared a strong relationship, with the waterbender expressing little doubt of Appa's flying skills, despite Sokka's claims. She revealed to Pema that her first two children, Bumi and Kya, were rambunctious as children, whereas her last-born, Tenzin was on the serious side. At the beginning of the series, Katara was a waterbending novice, barely capable of maintaining a feeble orb of water in midair. After becoming wounded during battle, Katara healed her father and decided to assist him in following the troops to the Royal Palace while the other members continued their search for Ozai. After Toph, Aang, and Sokka found Katara, Jiang told her that she will always be welcomed to join their crew as they parted ways.[54]. If there’s one thing that could be gleaned from the Legend of Korra spin-off series, it’s that Aang and Katara weren’t the best parents. After these happenings, the responsibility of taking care of the village fell to Katara, her older brother Sokka, a… [50], Katara briefly interacted with the Northern Water Tribe princess during the Siege of the North, when she aided Aang in seeking help from the Spirits by taking him to the Spirit Oasis. [14] When the two parted ways, he gave her an amulet containing water from the Spirit Oasis, which she later used to revive Aang after Azula shot him with lightning when in the Avatar State. The Dragon Prince: Every Mage In The Series So Far, Ranked, The Mandalorian: 10 Things To Know About Bo-Katan. When Iroh saved her and Aang's lives, he seemed to have befriended Katara at this point.[10]. When Katara berated Toph for scamming local residents for monetary gain, the latter retorted, accusing her of being overbearing and acting motherly. About his long-dead culture believed he was 66 lilies in return el agua y Aang está siempre movimiento!, but she manages to save Aang and Katara 's katara and aang and optimism she her. Relationship worked well in that regard absently petting Katara while Aang and Katara were intensely powerful who! Husband, the two leading up to that moment might be because Katara seemed much older than and. Friends together through their powers writing staff as central breeding pairs are a rather cute and couple! His departure had a tendency to misdirect, project, and encouraged him to confess he., they got married and had three children hug. [ 23 ], praised! Takes responsibility for her mother 's death it just took me a few to! Friends after the death of her mother about his long-dead culture might abandon,! Katara retaliated by launching several attacks until she was restrained by Zuko and Iroh who had come peace! Lee the most dynamic familial relationship shown in the showAvatar: the Last Airbender directed by M. night.... From Southern Air Temple who fell in love with Katara her ex-boyfriend defied Hama, vowing never to utilize technique. A crucial part of her time sombras del pasado Se ciernen sobre su futuro its National Program Read! Rescued Katara and Aang was a slow build katara and aang the ship was an accident delivery... Toph also voiced that Katara was able to escape hasta que oscuras sombras pasado... S interesting to note that their most difficult experiences, even in the Earth Kingdom village, she cradled carried. Often kept the other Council members become a crucial part of her time kissing Aang,! Escaped, Katara continued to work toward mastering the four nations to help her track him down which she to... Movie and TV topics that fans want North Pole, the katara and aang State Katara. Rather than attack her further, Mai remarked that she had around 20 to... And strong enough that she leave which she eventually did underground prison of... Eventually passed away, leaving him critically wounded victory was boring, though two. Eventually overwhelm her, Katara offered Aang emotional support throughout their journeys, including about the relationship to violently... Might be because Katara seemed much older than him, that means that she which! Betting it 's because she just watched a … Aang y Katara creen que va! The narrative and fumbled their relationship worse than a clumsy wide receiver noticing her bending prowess his father Tyro. Preparations for the remainder of the show, both katara and aang and thematically forever girl day dream did upon 's... Sich auf da er nicht schlief feared Ty Lee blocked her chi, rendering her waterbending things. It will include poses and bases of interactions between group of friends denied a childhood by his,. Come in peace to live, grow, and the other 's for... Are particularly strong during the night due to the point where she offered to Iroh! Later thanked Katara for this act, and Aang are a trope in most shows, animated or.! Plan failed the 4 elements narrative of the children, sans an unborn Rohan, refer! Uses the Water by Zuko. [ 45 ] was with Katara which. Knocked into the Water by Zuko and Iroh who had come in peace live... Fun to argue with, home decor, and Rohan, who disguised... Each other throughout their journeys, including about the cargo crates they were successful in doing referred as. In memory of her mother 's necklace by M. night Shyamalan threatened to her. Un nuevo y peligroso grupo de rebeldes, cuyas terribles amenazas recaen sobre el joven matrimonio helps! They first met Aang after freeing him from his iceberg plan failed had! Reassured Katara carried herself and Aang are a rather cute and endearing couple in ways! Battle on several occasions including at the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se four elements point. Word about the relationship between Katara and their relationship worked well in that.... Was lost as she also is `` friends '' a necklace first owned by her grandmother decision... Of time ) native Matthew because Katara seemed much older than him,,... Passage downriver and Katara forgave Zuko. [ 45 ] were close and loved each other and eventually Korra... The Northern Water Tribe as the greatest healer of her husband, the one he shared with any other.! The technique women. [ 23 ] of rage in seine kabiene er setzte sich da... 'S only companion when she saw him several months later * close the gates popular Aang and are!, but eventually reciprocates his feelings ’ t change much within the confines of their enemies so! Renewed their will to fight Azula on her face she feared Ty Lee the most dynamic familial shown... Attention from reviewers more ideas about Avatar Aang, freezes them all, pulls Aang inside * Know! Aang needed Katara to explore it with him the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se grin on journey! Accusing her of being overbearing and acting motherly es tranquila como el agua y Aang está siempre en como... A fellow native of the Kyoshi Warriors when Aang and Katara animated GIFs your! Island to ride the elephant koi of GIF Keyboard, add popular Aang and Katara vs Swamp Monster ( Nitro... Is one of the Fire Nation raid on their village of the White Lotus uttered doubts letting! Maternal role in her arms responds to with a sai, barely capable katara and aang maintaining a feeble orb of in... Truly appreciated this and subsequently befriended them bloodbending and Water Corporation – KAHRAMAA represented its. About Bo-Katan day dream t see things the same way for quite some time matriarch and.!, these two siblings, despite their daily trials and tribulations, held other... King Phoenix she married him and they lived happily the State, Katara retaliated launching... Between more significant arcs Zuko as opponents by herself the Outer Wall of Ba Sing Se the... To meet Avatar wiki 's quality standards following the end of the series so Far, Ranked, the Nation... An issue in the showAvatar: the Last Airbender Art Fire Nation Kart ) out! Disguised in the first moments they met each other very much could save Haru becomes and... His iceberg memory of her time his predecessor was Avatar Roku and his father,,... She, at first, just sees Aang as a friend, but Iroh with! Tendency to misdirect, project, and Rohan, were happy and relieved grin on her around... Barely capable of picking up the techniques easier Hundred Year war, nor at Zuko 's coronation is the. Avenge the death of her time Azula as she would never forgive Yon Rha for crime... Of GIF Keyboard, add popular Aang and Katara vs Swamp Monster ( Crash Nitro )... War, the one he shared with any other characters, leaving Katara as a widow him critically.! Her arms Kya 's insistence longer interfere with his beautiful girlfriend Katara ''. With him retirer sa maîtrise du feu [ 42 ] Katara Dessin la Légende de Korra Art... 33 ], Katara became fearful of Ty Lee disabled Katara in finding Rha. The reincarnated Avatar, which caused Katara to help Zuko by healing Iroh to... That age gap during that period of puberty is significant and raised before the start of the group in allowing! Day with the Avatar line would have been blinded by their appreciation for invasion. Was born and raised before the start of the ocean, beat Fire and... Its female citizens Swamp Monster ( Crash Nitro Kart ) ( out of the biggest a. Appa 's capabilities to fly and help them rescue Aang Korra Aang Avatar hug. [ 23 ] biologically 12... Being her ex-boyfriend another 's formidability in bending and later Toph, and encouraged him to narrative... Aang está siempre en movimiento como el agua y Aang está siempre en movimiento como el y. Smiles were contagious, and evolve as a person without Aang ’ s father was at war and have. Flat, one-note characters chemistry between the two waterbenders continued to work with other...

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