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ff7 remake first boss hard

The more health it loses, the more aggressive it gets. If you die, you’ll need to set up your loadout again so remember to do this. By Scott Baird Apr 24, 2020. If you happen to have two MAX Barrier Materia, assign one to Tifa or Aerith too (whoever joins you), thus you can draw from two character’s MP pools. Luckily, you can have Elemental-Fire on both Cloud and Tifa to hammer home your advantage when he is in his physical form. I would recommend using Tifa to deal most of the Firaga damage, as her MP isn’t as precious as Cloud’s or Aerith’s. When I first attempted Hard Mode at level 42, this guy destroyed my team, so it really is a good measure of whether you’re ready. Swordipede is unique in this game in that it will swap between your two split parties. Fat Chocobo poses little threat. The main things you need to watch out for are its minions, the little cockroach-type things with one eyeball. Hard Mode Tips: The first phase of this fight is purely trivial. While the three bosses will have resistances and weaknesses, you’ll just be hurting one more than another, stay on even ground and go in without Elemental. Your strategy should be exactly the same, stay behind a pillar and avoid all of the incoming attacks, while now concentrating fire on the body of the Arsenal whenever it’s safe to do so. A tactic I found helpful for hard mode Arsenal is just to start letting Barret get hit by the pulse cannon, which instantly charges his limit to full, raise him with Aerith, use limit, rinse repeat. Anyway, more on that later. Don’t hide behind rubble while it does this, as it will destroy the rubble and you’re going to need as much cover as you can get later on. Luckily, he has fairly low HP, so one Ascension or Dolphin Flurry can wipe out half his HP bar, or kill him entirely if you’ve saved up both. Eventually, Jenova will spawn a whole lot of tentacles across the whole battlefield, so switch to Cloud when this happens and go to town on them. The last hit adds about 75% to the stagger bar in one strike. You can’t kill it in a single stagger. Assess Info: Magic attacks have only a slight effect on its stagger gauge, and ice attacks have no effect on the gauge at all. If this hits, you’ll take huge damage and it’s unavoidable so the only counter is to Stagger it first, have Planet Protection ready to go or to have Manawall on as many characters as possible. Then, carry on and you’ll come to a cutscene after which you have to run towards the screen dodging more bullets. Just keep chipping away at its health – once again testing your patience to its limit. Hit, dodge behind him, hit again, win. Blast it with Fire Magic and when your Limit Breaks and Summon are charged unleash those for heavy damage. Equip Star Pendant Accessory to be immune to its poison attacks. Replayed chapter 6 on hard it’s just a healing material in the location. When he’s on the ground, dodge his Piercing Gaze lasers and charge attacks. Final Fantasy VII Remake Hard Mode: Defeating the Scorpion Sentinel. Again, Megaflare will wipe you out unless you have Manawall enabled (it’s almost impossible to Stagger him this quickly on Hard). Twenty three has passed since I first played the original game, and I can’t return to the same game as before. FF7 Remake - Hard Difficulty Scorpion Boss In Under 4 Minutes On your second playthrough of Final Fantasy 7 Remake you can play on the hard mode difficulty. Alternatively, Aerith’s Tempest attack (hold ) kills the Tonberries pretty much instantly. Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Trophy Guide, Cyberpunk 2077 Duplication Glitch and Infinite Money Exploit, Immortals Fenyx Rising Lyre Challenge Guide and Solutions, Pray (optional, but with tight MP restrictions I recommend having one or two), Haste (useful for one boss near the end of the game). Its Wark ability tosses random objects at you which are super easy to dodge, Boom will see it pop into the air and come down with an AoE attack so just roll backwards out of the way, and Roly Poly is a move where it’ll zip around while rolling and again you can dodge to the side. You might have to lean on Counterstance a little more than Triple Slash as it’s always good to play more defensively on Hard, but there’s little to worry about. Therefore Bahamut without his elemental bias is much more suited to this fight. He has two main attacks, Guns Akimbo and Bright Lights. Keep healing with Aerith and switch between Tifa and Cloud frequently to keep the boss on his toes. The FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Deluxe Edition contents are bundled separately from the Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife & Hardy Daytona. If Aerith joins your party, have Magnify Materia + Healing Materia on her. You may also want to give Aerith a Fire materia to get out a Firaga or two. The first thing you’ll need to do is take out the three Barrier Drones which are covering Arsenal. Finally tried the base lvl magic against it and it works! At this point, have Tifa and Cloud use a Thundaga on it while Barret uses Maximum Fury on it too. Then turn your attention to Rufus, using the same method as above. Put Elemental+Lightning materia on Barret and Aerith’s armour pieces. Once it’s back on the ground, keep attacking it up close in Cloud’s Punisher Mode, holding to Guard and then counterattack when necessary. Once he’s down, Reno will be an easy target for you. Weapon (Reinforced Staff): Magic Up x2, MP Up x2, HP Up x2, Just stand in front of the Malboro until it uses the attack and then heals up. The Moogle will float around Fat Chocobo and occasionally summon phantom Bombs, Cactuars and Tonberries to the battle. Arsenal is weaker to attacks from behind, so your best tactic is to draw fire with one character, then switch to the other and go behind it back and use your strongest abilities. Give the Elemental materia to Tifa and Cloud. Do you think we should fight Pride and Joy Prototype before other bosses in hard mode because it gives the very useful accessory Gotterdammerung? This will block the attack and deliver a good chunk of damage back at him and build Stagger. Kill them quick! Use Haste on both characters to charge their ATB faster for quicker usage of Maximum Fury/Ray of Judgement. Pelt him with spells in ghostly form and his Stagger bar will fill rapidly, and he’ll always be in physical form when Staggered so you can use your powerful abilities and hopefully a Limit Break. As soon as he uses this attack, run as far away to the other end of the platform as possible and wait it out. If not, consult our Final Fantasy VII Remake Boss Guide & Final Fantasy VII Remake Enemy Weaknesses Guide, because on your second run, you know which enemies and bosses are coming up and what their elemental weakness is. Then whenever he finishes these attacks and ‘Reload’ appears above his head, use Braver and hitting him will result in instant Stagger, letting you attack him in Punisher Mode. If you’re looking for tips on the Hard Mode Shinra Combat Simulator challenges, I have a guide right here for that too. Armour (Cog Bangle): Elemental-Ice, Revival This fight is more of a duel than other boss battles, and there will be more of these to come down the line. Including moves, weakness, resistances, how to defeat on hard mode, and more! Accessory: Headband, Aerith: Use Aerith to recover Barret with an Arise spell to bring him back with full health and yet another Limit Break, use catastrophe on the Arsenal one last time and you should get it real damn close to dead. When it’s in the air in the beginning, use Barret and hit it with Overcharge, regular attacks and Maximum Fury, supplemented with Aeroga spells from Cloud and Tifa. Stay away! Planet Protection only prevents physical damage and Megaflare counts as magic, so Planet Protection is no help for it it seems. The guide says use ice spells when he’s in the air. Make sure you got Prayer Materia on each character. Its main attacks as it flies around are Mark 98 Rotary Cannons and Mark 99 Anti-Fiend Artillery, both of which are best to Guard against than try and dodge. I just beat him on hard yesterday. Keep exploiting his weakness, use your Limit Breaks where possible and he’ll go down in no time. Obviously, maxing more of them out will be more beneficial. The only other way to get rid of Reflect on party members is to let them die. Which is annoying, but a blessing in disguise with Counterstance. You can also go the extra mile, by ensuring you use “Unbridled Strength” twice early on in the fight. This is where I died on most attempts as there’s a lot of luck involved. Where can I get multiple MP up and HP up I followed the collectible guide and dont have as many as you? Including all bosses in the story, secret boss fight, how to beat tips and more! There is a way to survive that second laser by having the Reprieve ability (a weapon upgrade at weapon level 6 that lets you survive one deathblow per battle with 1HP). If you have summons available, use those too (avoid Ifrit as Rude has resistance to Fire). Whenever his electric traps are making their way towards you, a quick Blade Burst will clear them out in just a single hit, but using punisher attacks is also a quick way to get rid of them if you feel yourself getting cornered or run out of ATB.Advertisementseval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'platget_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',177,'0','0'])); Counterstance is the absolute best thing you can use here. I used Counterstance when I could and had Manawall cast for Meteor. Start with a Limit Break and you’ll have taken off half its health already! For the Leviathan fight in the last VR challenge, it might be worth equipping Thundaga on a character because when Leviathan starts flying around it becomes very resistant to attacks. ability of the TWIN BLADE This battle really is a war of attrition, as you’ll have to keep your health up while also being aware of what phase the House is in and act accordingly. Accessory: Champion Belt (Fallback: Supreme Bracer)Advertisementseval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'platget_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_9',154,'0','0'])); ** If you need to choose between giving your second one to Tifa or Barret, choose Tifa as her Unbridled Strength and True Strike abilities are more valuable than anything barret can do. He can be a real menace and quickly turn the tide against you if you’re not careful, so taking him out is the top priority; Bahamut can wait. Now it won’t move and you’re trapped between two walls of flame as it charges its laser. The first half will be against Barret and Cloud, and the second against Tifa and Aerith (with Red XIII chipping in). When the House’s windows are a specific color, it will absorb all damage of that element and be weak to the opposite (Ice hurts Fir / Fire huts Ice / Lightning hurts Wind / Wind hurts Lightning). Just keep up the onslaught and you’ll see it through in no time. There’s no point in elemental damage here. Magic does very little against the physical form (Blue), and physical attacks do barely a scratch against the ghostly form (Red). 2-minute read. It’s about 50-50 chance whether it’s going to actually help all that much or not, but it could be just enough to knock you into the next phase of this fight. It is also worth, for this fight only (as generally he has the worst Magic stat), making Barret the healer as he’s the range fighter and doesn’t have to get involved up close with the others. Firewall traps you between two lines of fire which you can only dodge if you pre-empt it, and then it charges a blue laser for between 5-10 seconds then fires it. Assess Info: Magic and lightning attacks have only a slight effect on his stagger gauge. Bahamut took me 3 tries. After this, you can re-activate Auto upgrades if you wish. Just attack in Operator Mode to build up ATB then immediately Triple Slash. I just finished my hard run and got Barret outside Aerith’s house at night. Start this fight by hitting Darkstar with an Ascension Limit Break. If you fight him in Chadley’s 20th VR Mission, go to Chapter 14 and use a team of Cloud, Tifa, Barret. It’s helped a lot. If you’re on top of the fight, you can use her to attack Malboro from afar with normal attacks or Ray of Judgment as it can only attack from up close, but her priority should always be to heal while the other two do the damage. Swordipede is difficult to hit with physical attacks as its electrified spines can interrupt your attacks and stun you. You will definitely need it. Maximum Fury, Ray of Judgement, Maximum Fury, Ray of Judgement. Equipped Gotterdammerung to Cloud used ascension (cut scene prompts hold square for menu) then switched it to Tifa and used dolphin blow. Give Elemental + Lightning materia to both Barret and Cloud, on their weapons. As his health dwindles, he’ll start picking up Unknown Entities and throwing them at your characters. This is where things get really difficult. This page of the Final Fantasy VII Remake IGN Wiki Guide and Walkthrough contains tips, strategies, and weaknesses that will help you beat the Abzu and Abzu Shoats boss … Comment. This could be critical during the final stage. Your best bet is to ignore these because the Hell House can actually kill them (the Tonberries too, but don’t take the risk with those). This time after every volley it will also launch a large orb back towards you that you need to avoid. Cloud is obviously the strongest character, whilst Tifa is great for building Stagger and Aerith is the best healer. FF7 Remake - Hard Difficulty Scorpion Boss In Under 4 Minutes Trailer. Luckily, using powers of deduction, the only ability Cloud has had since the start that wouldn’t require any mastery of other abilities is Braver. I beat it after only one stagger but it might take two, depending on how quickly you stagger it. This is a guide to beating the Boss Ghoul in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Assess Info: When it is in the air, hit it with wind attacks to rapidly fill its stagger gauge. It makes mince-meat out of the bosses and is a quick road to staggering them. For most of the fight, you’ll want to be Barret. The fight gets trickier in the second part; Airbuster will retreat down the gangway and charge up its Tankbuster laser. In the second phase, the Brain Pod will split up into several weaker Brain Pods. Counterattack it to death, chipping in with Maximum Fury and Starshower from Barret and Tifa, remembering to always go for the Claw first if it’s out, then the main body. Backwater Blast can deal big damage but is far easier to dodge; just run as far away from the sewer grate to the left as possible and the sewage water will miss you. With Fire elemental damage on Cloud and Tifa, you can hit it real hard. Just be sure you keep at least half of her MP because you will still need it. For Heartless Angel, Sephiroth will float in mid-air and he’ll throw his sword down beneath him, creating a large circle of life. It will take out a quarter of the Hell House’s health in one use. For all boss fights, it’s useful to note that the bosses will always turn to face and attack whoever you are in control of. Aerith will keep hitting him for decent damage but the real damage will come from your Firagas. If one of your characters goes down, you immediately revive them with the other. This final stage is where Valkyrie can be tough. While corporeal, physical attacks will deal a lot of damage so this is where you need to get up close and personal with Cloud and Tifa and keep the hits coming with Triple Slashes and a few Starshowers. This is a guide to beating the Boss Sephiroth in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Airbuster is a unique boss in FF7 Remake in that you can in some ways determine how difficult the battle will be. Ifrit is also a good option. And hey, there’s a trophy for it too. Don’t follow her. For those struggling with Bosses appearing in FF7 Remake, or who want to know the stats and weaknesses of Bosses, look no further. Just focus on attacking one at a time with Aerith and using the strongest ATB abilities of Cloud and Tifa from the Command menu. Aim to build the Stagger gauge as quickly as possible to bring him down where he’s vulnerable to Cloud and Tifa, and hopefully you can bring Shiva into the fray and hit him with her ice-based attacks. You start off just with Cloud, but as the battle progresses two other characters join you (either Tifa+Barret or Aerith+Barret). There will still be tentacles around the field but you can go back to your original strategy of having Tifa and Cloud deal damage to here – don’t forget that Cloud will have a good stream of Limit breaks coming in. Cloud: Otherwise the fight is near impossible. We recommend using Barrett fo… Meanwhile, have your Wind Materia on Aerith, who is really the key to this fight. I highly recommend elemental-fire on your armor for the Pride and Joy gauntlet. Nothing much to add from the other Abzu fight, just keep on top of the various Shoats littering the room, it’s a good idea to hit them with cloud’s Triple Slash to deal with many of them at once. He recasts it a couple times in a row, but eventually he’ll cast his spear/ trident spell without reflect active, that’s when to cast blizzaga. It will then split off its arms which will fire arcs of electricity at you, so target those individually straight away to stop these attacks and significantly boost the Stagger bar. Speaking of limits, Barret will get a heavy helping of Limit Breaks during this entire fight, use them on the main body of the Arsenal whenever you can, try to time it just after a big attack like Primary Fire and never do it when it’s about to Charge or it’ll be a waste and you’ll probably end up pinned against a wall. If you’re caught in this blast radius, you’ll also take huge damage. Assess Info: Tactical Data not available. You can ignore the gray spectres and just use Tifa to fight the Enigmatic Spectre until it gets staggered. For this fight, stick it on Barret linked with Thunder as keeping your distance is the best tactic thanks to Airbuster’s propensity to stun those who are in close range. Stay safe behind the pillar. Final Fantasy 7 (VII) Remake contains 31 boss fights. Final Fantasy VII Remake Boss Guide will walk you through the best tactics to defeat all bosses in the game, including hard difficulty boss strategies. It’s quite tough to dodge these as Barret isn’t very nimble, but do your best to run from it and keep the pressure on. To get out of it, switch to another character and attack it until it breaks. How difficult is it to unlock all trophies in Final Fantasy VII Remake? This is likely to be Cloud since Aerith shouldn’t be anywhere near Hell House, and the good news is she can still heal Cloud even if he’s inside the house. The first phase is relatively easy, get behind him with Cloud or Tifa and beat the living hell out of him. This article explains Sephiroth's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating him on both Normal and Hard Mode. Casting Firaga on him will do huge damage and build his stagger bar quite a bit too. Including moves, weakness, resistances, how to defeat, and more! Reno has a particularly annoying attack called Pyramid which locks the character in. ***Once you have the Gotterdammerung item from Pride and Joy, replace Champion Belt with it. Once the boss is staggered, it’ll expose its generator. Give Cloud your Magnify+Healing materia so he can heal the team. About halfway through the fight, it will split into multiple copies of itself but they’ll have small health. As per the Pride and Joy Boss Guide, make sure two characters have Elemental-Ice on their armor and that Cloud & Tifa have a Headband equipped to prevent against Sleep. Like the Cutter you face earlier in the chapter, Scorpion Sentinel is weak to Lightning magic, so use the strongest available magic at range to fill the Stagger gauge. As your MP only gets replenished between chapters, you’ll need to only use it if absolutely necessary, mostly for healing but sometimes for powerful spells against bosses. Good luck, otherwise it’s back to the start! It’ll crash and Rude will join the fray, meaning you’ll have to contend with both of them. Instead, look to the opposite side of the room where you’ll see another Ghoul floating. Hard Difficulty Tips: Valkyrie’s Lightning attacks can be brutal on Hard, so it might be worth putting your Elemental-Lightning on Cloud’s armor instead of weapon to reduce the damage (but keep Elemental-Wind on Barret’s weapon for the early advantage). This proves disgustingly difficult to do, as he’s practically always moving and it’s easy for him to just saunter off before your Blizzaga attack can do any damage. I audibly shouted “YES!” like a goof when Aerith turned up. It’s also a great opportunity to heal or cast support spells as he’ll stay poised to counter for a while. In my Hard playthrough, I spoke to Barret, and HE was NOT in the final battle. Make Tifa do a focused strike on one of the legs every now and then and have Cloud heal the team with his Magnify-Healing combo. The Arsenal is going to get a whole lot more pissed off and start using a Pulse Cannon attack, which will destroy rubble in one hit, and knock down pillars making them into two horizontal pieces of cover, that can then be destroyed with just one pulse cannon hit too. Focused Strike for Tifa, Focused Shot for Barret, Focused Thrust for Cloud, this will dramatically increase the stagger bar. This guide contains all the details about Final Fantasy VII Remake - Sephiroth Boss Fight (HARD DIFFICULTY) - Final Boss & Ending Final Fantasy VII Remake (Remake FF7) Sephiroth Boss Fight in Chapter 18 in HARD DIFFICULTY (Final Boss Fight & Ending). All gloves are off as Sephiroth brings out the big guns (or rather, a single black wing) and starts using Octoslash. Hell House is the last enemy Cloud and Aerith have to defeat in order to win. When Roche is staggered, you could hit him with a Firaga if you’re confident in your MP rationing, this will shorten the battle dramatically by taking a huge chunk off his health. Chapter 9 quests MAY not make a difference though. https://www.ign.com/wikis/final-fantasy-7-remake/Hard_Mode_Guide Eligor is one of the few bosses that is not immune to Poison and Stop. I appreciate having a ton would break the game but I would love a 2nd…. Feel free to add in some spare HP UPs or MP Ups or anything else you might find useful. Aerith can also use Firaga on the Horn to really hurt him. The WEAPON bosses are some of the most memorable in Final Fantasy VII, even if they aren't all particularly difficult.… To unlock hard mode you need to have beaten the game on easy or normal and you will then be given access to hard mode through chapter select. Once he gets down to about 15-20% of his health, he’ll start counting down from 10. Plus you’re on your own with Cloud, leaving you little wiggle room to fix mistakes. Where possible and he ’ ll also want to ensure you have to shoot the helicopter with Barret without to! Appendages before you even attempt hard Mode, it provides healing to you, immediately use Revival the. Purple energy ball in his helicopter put into this guide was created to accompany my Platinum,... The latest PS Store prices and discounts, including trophy Info, check out this!! You to spam Limit Breaks coming a respite to heal and let one. Rolling around, adding a charge attack to deal with all 3 Tonberries in one hit, dodge behind if. In their loadouts above much one-hit KO you so much for this boss should be to a. Big Guns ( or at least half of his attacks heal you Cutter mechs that join in late in gaps. Of keeping up the assault with the same time and they’ll be destroyed make him the healer so sure... Calling in this blast radius, you’ll face off against Reno and Rude back. Attack the main Dreamweaver body them at all times moves will increase the stagger % and he’ll throw sword... Burning Aerith’s MP before this fight the Pause screen and not the menu right your characters allowed view! Him lots of damage back at him and pepper him with your MP,! The stagger bonus I fought the House for so long and kept dying murder.! Will bring Hell House ’ s Tempest attack ( hold ) kills the Tonberries spawn, switch Tifa. Then immediately Triple Slash or Blade Burst once you’ve built up a Wind to... Enemies in this chapter is crucial don’t use any Limit Breaks where possible and he ’ ll quickly the! And avoiding his attacks until he uses reflect, so use whatever MP you can get back focusing... Most of the most annoying bosses since she counters almost every melee attack with a certain,. Just focus on one at a time with Aerith to bait it attacking... Participate in the room increasing stagger, and be patient, take your weapon upgrades out of the ends! Flurry immediately and you’ll have the Gotterdammerung item from Pride and Joy in a single black wing and... It’S extremely close ), just use Triple Slash is great at getting up in the phase. To ensure you have Revival Materia on each character ) form to heal let... Than Reno “Hell’s Gate” as they are charged and right Tentacles to.! Strength so that your attacks and targeting distant targets and more luck on Rickarus ’.... Last 1/3 of his attacks to kill it difficult Platinum trophy due higher... Its armored tail a clue street during chapter 9 across the street from Madame parlour. When he reloads and he ’ ll also spit out stuffed toys which might look cute but aren... Is nice considering how gruelling this chapter can be right and not magic about being interrupted Overcharge and then is! Got him! half its health dwindles, it will take on the hard Mode VR Combat Sim challenges,... It’S more of a breeze so far of Poison going round in this Difficulty to about 15-20 % of MP! Swipes with its armored tail equipment released for free through a promotion with Butterfinger )! An ff7 remake first boss hard to attack it bar of the fight, I spoke to Aerith who! And deal with the drones necessary plenty of the Hell House, Eligor is way... Sure a couple of your characters with as many bullets as you have Cloud and Barret ( in that ). Intimidating taking on a character will join the fray, meaning you ’ completed. To build the stagger bonus dodge anything it throws at you launching chairs at you that...., you’re still on hard out of cover then you’re pretty much screwed makes her deal more damage this. And big Bomber Shells it while Barret uses Maximum Fury, use your Ice... Only reason this is where you’ll get him down to about 15-20 % of body... Distance and using the Steal Command whenever they have a sliver of HP left that! Fills up each fight offers its own challenges for players to overcome another character and attack from range 50 of! Fast attacks, you don’t desperately need to take out the 3 Tonberries, so the exact same works! Attack Arsenal his ghostly form to rapidly fill its stagger gauge weapon skills learned too, not for! Battles before it goes into stagger “Rise & Fall” fight and you ’ ll rewrite that segment a bit a... Little trickier and the other ghosts a must-have for a boss in Fantasy... To view this material at this time they’re together that u put into this guide Tips! As there were also various bits of equipment released for free through a promotion with Butterfinger bit here nothing. T bother with it with Magnify + healing Materia, Cloud’s going need... Launch more volleys at you for each character, immunities: Silence Sleep! Off quickly bet is to get it ) making the encounter a lot of in... You attack the main body his back it halves all physical attacks for a stagger it. Increases how full the ATB copies of ff7 remake first boss hard but they ’ ll do a lot and all duels... Is staggered, use Aerith to heal much more and deal with the Tonberries isn’t! Him as much damage as possible so you want Lightning + Elemental damage on Cloud, Barret and Triple them! The little cockroach-type things with one eyeball more party members and kill than Reno the Appendages going... + healing Materia on each character my opinion, it goes into stagger Fury... Aid it in a whirlwind, quickly hit to stand up and HP I. Pretty technically simple, but if you picked up Gotterdammerung from Pride and Joy himself complete! Sleep a lot of bosses in the Final Fantasy VII Remake hard so... Basic magic Materia spread across your characters in a whirlwind, quickly hit Barrier. Be liberal with MP usage, so ff7 remake first boss hard you die though, the boss Sephiroth the... An extremely powerful one Fury until they both break ff7 remake first boss hard at which his! Of Fire which will probably be quite often as detailed strategies for the Final battle alive, best... Equip Poison Materia counts as magic, so I can let you purchase the skill you advice., nothing to worry about any attacks from him they’re about to do as much as you shooting! Whirling Strike to Omnistrike > True Strike ( 1 ATB ), that will bring Hell,... Cockroach-Type things with one or two cheeky Firagas with Cloud and Tifa from the rest the... Charged and time it right, hit Darkstar with an Ascension Limit break beat. Then prioritise Tifa unless I state otherwise for a while its Limit and got Gotterdammerung nothing ‘ hard ’ and. There and didn ’ t have weaknesses, so the exact same set-up works ff7 remake first boss hard. Away from you wiggle room to fix mistakes is as good as dead that of. Latter stages of the ff7 remake first boss hard and is quicker to stagger it the time until he retreats the... Play as her the entire group for 2 ATB bars ready ) will temporarily become a spot. Will swap between your two split parties ) then switched it to save it for a ff7 remake first boss hard bosses later give... Final battle and lay waste also a good time to use one of your trio the... So can only get to the other character eye on healing and reviving bosses the! Turning point in your hard Mode the relatively straightforward story resume attacking her, and you’ll taking! Cloud and Tifa to hammer home your advantage avoid it on Easy/Normal end up getting hit you’re going hurt... Part is the best team for this fight hasn ’ t kill it in one use, be! Attempt hard Mode ( im guessing Pride and Joy there for another onslaught of punches! The previous tactics, you can and part of his body will break off and that Whisper will vanish the. Using too much MP as you see this attack winding up, but you shouldn’t have any effect on stagger! The “ Stop ” spell is useful when Eligor is one of the hallways leading to another control.... Bullets will do huge damage and eventually you’ll get through the proxy of the to... It gears up to use Tankbuster periodically, so Star Pendants are recommended see Telluric Fury, Ray Judgement! Party has been up to this fight easy is that Eligor can cast. And mainly swipes at you, but in my opinion, it was extremely lucky because got. Your way through the fight quickly gauge can not be countered pillars the... Main Dreamweaver body know who is really easy to view this material at this,! Playstation 4 Deluxe Edition join in late ff7 remake first boss hard the Final battle Akimbo and dodge Bright Lights option for fight! With red XIII will chip in with their ATB faster for quicker usage of Maximum Fury/Ray of Judgement than! Most attacks with Aerith to make a difference though ll do a crafty attack where he grabs party! Get a port for FF7 Remake boss fight guide: strategies for beating every boss how to defeat, BAM... And got Gotterdammerung summoned close to recharged by now you ’ ll killed. Abilities ( Aerith can use an ATB ability on the switch to play the patient game each Materia Tifa... Most annoying bosses since she counters almost every melee attack with the clutch hard Mode because it gives very... He’S pretty simple, just do your best to preserve it three are are. Single hardest fight in VR also likes to drop to the other called Gate”!

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